Business Security Solutions

OnLens’s, fully customizable business security solution lets you remotely manage all of your cameras in one central console. Cameras stream directly to your cloud with no need for hardware, servers or on-site devices.

You receive an entire suite of video surveillance functionality including: customized VMS hosted in your cloud/data center; white-label CCTV System in web client and mobile apps; UpLink Gateway to bridge connection of cameras to the cloud; cloud camera plug-ins for direct, plug-&-play connection.

Security Camera System for Business

OnLens Security Camera System for Business enables users to remotely monitor, manage and maintain IP cameras and video security footage directly in the cloud anywhere, anytime, from any browser or device.

The open, true cloud platform (fully agnostic) has no proprietary lock-ins and can be used with any camera, NVR, hardware, software, and system.

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Smart Buildings

Simplify and streamline security camera management across multiple locations. Remotely manage from anywhere, anytime using any device. Seamlessly integrate any in-house or 3rd party system and achieve unlimited scalability. With flexible video storage in the cloud, on-prem, or a hybrid approach. Retrieve images, clips, and archive video to manage traffic analysis, unauthorized access, tailgating, violations, and other significant events.

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Monitoring Centers

View live and recorded videos from thousands of cameras, effectively manage all devices and protect assets in the environment. Deploy the platform securely in a private or public cloud. Generate clips, images, and share video based on various events for video verification and respond appropriately. Embedded camera plug-ins help connect cameras directly to the platform without the need for port forwarding or Video Management Software.

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Cloud Storage

Leverage your cloud object storage and connect directly to a variety of IP cameras. A plug-in running on a camera records data directly to the cloud object storage in standard and simple to use MP4 and JPG formats, removing dependency on a Cloud-Based IP Camera System. Bring Exabytes of video storage to your infrastructure no matter the size or scale. Empowered through no vendor lock-ins, low entry barrier, easy distribution, mass integration and simple data formats.

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Connect to thousands of deployed cameras at hundreds of locations. Retrieve images and clips associated with various events such as POS transactions for identifying key retail metrics. Analyze foot traffic and staff performance using highly accurate cloud video analytics to improve operational efficiency.

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Health Care

Health care facilities and hospitals encounter numerous challenges when it comes to balancing patient and visitor comfort, security and regulatory compliance. As facilities expand in scope and complexity, traditional security systems often struggle to keep pace. That is where VXG steps in, providing a simple, scalable and cost-effective cloud video surveillance platform designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the health care industry. The platform helps effectively manage security operations and monitor for proper patient care, ensure a safe environment, and compliance with regulations, health and safety protocols.

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Deploy a complete Video Management System in your data center. Integrate with cameras of your choice whether they are from major manufacturers or custom-built, using a firmware module that makes cameras plug & play. Achieve unlimited scalability and reduce your time to market with white-label and customizable web front-ends and mobile apps.

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