UpLink Gateway

Bridges connection between IP cameras and the Cloud

OnLens UpLink Gateway is a lightweight module that runs on an on-prem micro PC, router and other IoT devices and bridges connection between IP cameras and the Cloud VMS.
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OnLens UpLink Gateway

OnLens UpLink Gateway provides full remote access to an IP camera from the same local network including camera streams, events, settings, Web UI, and edge storage (SD card). It works with any standard ONVIF or RTSP camera. The video can be recorded and stored in the Cloud storage or on the edge (SD card) and then played through the Cloud VMS. It’s a lightweight package distributed in the following formats:

  • Docker image for x86 and ARM.
  • Software plug-in for OpenWRT routers
  • Reference source code for integration with new devices.

How to Use

Install a Cloud Gateway

Download and install the software on your Linux or Windows PC, Raspberry PI, OpenWRT router or other device.

Connect local IP cameras

Connect local ONVIF/RTSP cameras using Web UI of the Cloud Gateway.

Access through the Cloud

Get full access to IP cameras through the Cloud VMS from anywhere, including streams, settings, Web UI and edge storage (SD card).

Specification and System Requirements

UpLink Gateway

IP cameras

Any ONVIF/RTSP IP camera


Linux x86 and ARM, Windows, OpenWRT


500MHz and higher


128MB and more



We don’t charge extra for the UpLink Gateway software, it comes as a part of OnLens Cloud VMS. You can purchase hardware from a 3rd Party or from OnLens with the software installed here UpLink Gateway

Video can be stored in the Cloud storage in real-time or on cameras’ SD cards and moved to the Cloud storage later.

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