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Connect Your Cameras To Any AI

OnLens is an open artificial intelligence (AI) platform with integration to leading AI engines for video content analysis. Connect your IP cameras to existing AI engines, or integrate new in-house and 3rd party AI using the OnLens open API. Receive powerful video analytics and gain valuable insights from your video data. Leverage event-based video to enable more effective security operations, increase operational efficiency and make better business decisions. Use OnLens video pre-processing for event filtering and data sampling before sending video or images to AI, resulting in a huge reduction of data processing and significant AI cost savings.



OnLens performs video pre-processing, filtering and data sampling to make AI infinitely scalable and highly cost-efficient. This includes filtering by motion and other camera events, image and video extraction, and data sampling, from any connected IP camera.


The open, true cloud video analytics software is ready to use with any number of new or existing cameras. Whether you need periodic or on-demand processing, OnLens ensures the video analytics platform has sufficient resources to serve your needs and scale to unlimited cameras.

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The unique approach allows you to choose from leading AI solutions and intelligent video analytics. Each new AI engine connected with OnLens cloud video content analysis software becomes available to all customers and our open API helps with the integration of custom AI.

Best in Class Video Analytics Technology


Cloud Video Analytics with OnLens

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Event Filtering

OnLens receives all events generated by a camera, from motion detection for entry level cameras to video analytics for smart cameras. The platform can also receive events from other devices, sensors and services via API (ex. access control, alarms). Filtering by events significantly reduces AI processing and bandwidth consumption. For example, only sending video for people detection AI when there is motion detected on a camera.

Data Sampling

The Cloud OnLens Platform extracts images and clips for events received from cameras and other devices, sensors or services. This reduces the amount of data that is sent to AI engines and significantly reduces the associated costs. For example, extracting and sending only one image to object detection AI when motion is detected on a camera.

AI Engines

OnLens is already integrated with leading Cloud AI engines and can be connected to any in-house or 3rd party AI solution via API. Once integrated, any camera can be connected to one or multiple AI engines. The metadata received as a result of AI processing can be used for generating smart events or for search in the video storage.

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It is the extraction of useful information from the video to make the video actionable and searchable.

Video analytics is a branch of artificial intelligence that is applied to video.

No! This is a misconception. You can save significant operational costs by running analytics on-demand, or only when you need it, and without deploying any extra hardware. With our unique approach, we’ll filter video based on motion or camera events, then sample data, and eventually use a small fraction of data for ingesting into cloud AI engines.

Our approach is to ingest video very efficiently into the industry leading AI engines from our partners and offer everything that those AI engines have but specifically for surveillance cameras. We don’t provide or sell video analytics ourselves, instead we simply connect you to the best of the best 3rd party AI analytics.

Video analytics (also known as video content analysis) is a type of technology that automatically analyzes video content. They do this by using machine learning and algorithms that process video in order to carry out a specific task – for example, identifying moving objects or counting the number of people.

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